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Our Hotel Management Company

There’s Something About Slowey

Rooted in thoughtful intention and relentless commitment, our people-focused brand of hospitality empowers and sustains an entire ecosystem of distinctive hotel properties and sets us apart from other hotel management companies.

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Our Mission Statement

We focus on the people and relationships aspect of hospitality and provide an engaging culture for our employees which translates into positive guest experiences and successful investors.

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Our Story

In 2003, successful business owner Steve Slowey broke into the hospitality market by building a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in his hometown of Yankton, South Dakota. As he began to expand his business in 2008, Mr. Slowey brought on Tim Rutjes to help accelerate development and direct the operations of the hotel portfolio, then consisting of three properties. Slowey Management was formally structured into an LLC in 2012, and since 2015 the company has been owned and operated by Mr. Rutjes and Mr. Slowey as managing partners. Mr. Rutjes has served as the company's president since 2020. In the past 15 years, Slowey Management has directed 17 hospitality projects in five states at a total capital investment of nearly $200 million dollars.

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The Slowey Difference

Excellence is a shared ambition. It shines through our work, enhances our experiences and is infused in every level of our operations. From our staff to our investors, loyalty and trust are the measures of our success.